Love the community with us!


Love the community with us!

Glory Reborn’s service goes beyond the clinic walls and out into the neediest communities. Many moms in our program struggle to come to the clinic regularly due to poverty, lack of budget for transportation, and lack of childcare options. This is why Glory Reborn includes home visits in our schedule. If the moms can’t come to us, we go to them.

It brings us great joy to be able to minister to them in their own homes! Seeing their life situations also helps our team understand and connect with each mom in a deeper way.

Your $300 will enable us to invest in:

  • icon-community-outreach14 Community Outreaches per Month
  • icon-patient-home-visitsIndividual Patient Home Visits
  • icon-dumpsiteDumpsite Health and Children’s Ministry
  • icon-indigenous-community-wellnessIndigenous Communities’ Wellness
  • icon-vulnerable-women-outreachVulnerable Women’s Outreach
  • icon-health-and-nutritionHealth and Nutrition Assistance
  • icon-hope-of-jesusThe Hope of Jesus Brought to Each Heart