Why Glory Reborn Exists


The Healthcare Crisis

In a tri-city area with a total population near 2 million people, an estimated 46.4% of the population live on less than $2 a day, 14.6% of the population live on less than $1 a day! The average expectant mother receives no prenatal care, and has never heard the heartbeat of her baby let alone will she see an ultrasound of her baby during pregnancy! The combination of poverty and limited public health care creates an enormous problem for the people of the Philippines! Comparatively, the difference between western healthcare and the Philippines is staggering – 

  • United States Government Health Expenditure Per Person Per Year: $2,548
  • Philippines Government Health Expenditure Per Person Per Year: $76

The Birth of a Solution

In order to help Cebu City, in September of 2002 the Vision of Glory Reborn Organization was birthed in my heart. By March 2003, Glory Reborn Organization was recognized in Cebu, Philippines operating as a FREE Maternity Clinic. I gathered a team of six licensed midwives, most of whom I had worked with before during my previous experience in Cebu and we began doing prenatal exams and teachings in my home. We even had our first birth in my guest room: a healthy baby boy named John David after my husband. As we started to grow we were able to rent a three-bedroom apartment next door to my home, which allows us to take on 40-60 births a month as well as perform prenatal exams, newborn check-ups, postpartum exams, and health teachings while getting to know our women on a more personal level. We accept any pregnant woman from Cebu City who is willing to come for regular prenatal exams throughout her pregnancy and is not having a “high risk” pregnancy.
Sometimes it is impossible to avoid crisis situations, especially in Less Developed Countries! That is why our staff is fully trained in handling pregnancy and labor complications that may occur. We avoid transport to the hospital when at all possible as the community hospital is full of rats, insects, only once a day cleaning of beds and is an overall miserable and frightening experience. It is not uncommon to find 3-4 women laboring or birthing on the same bed. And there is no such thing as free care. All supplies that will possibly be needed during your stay at the hospital must be purchased before you can enter. This includes everything from gloves to medicines! Thankfully the Lord has blessed us in many times of complications with Divine wisdom and intervention. 

Why does Glory Reborn exist?

According to statistics in 2014, 23.1 million Filipinos live below the poverty line and are unable to afford quality health care. According to UNICEF, 13 mothers die in the Philippines, every day from pregnancy related complications. Post-partum hemorrhage is the major cause of maternal mortality (at 41 percent). Often maternal deaths are not reported.

How does Glory Reborn function?

The charity, Glory Reborn, was founded in August 2003, and has since delivered more than 3,200 healthy babies. The charity offers its quality pregnancy and newborn services through donations. Sponsor a baby and mom through Glory Reborn for pre-and post-natal care for $650 (US).

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David Overton

I am the Vice President of Glory Reborn & with my wife Hilary, we have taken Glory Reborn from a small dream that started in an apartment to a clinic that has delivered more than 3,000 Healthy Babies.

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