A Vision Of Community


At the very heart of Glory Reborn is the Vision to build community.

Our Staff sharing a moment with a friend from church who delivered at Glory Reborn!Our primary focus is to build community and relationship with pregnant women. Often, we find out that by establishing a community of refuge and hope that we are not only “Building” community but we are Becoming Community. Let me give you an example…

A few months ago there was a fire in a community near our clinic. We were unaware of it until a patient came to the clinic with her 4 children, each grasping their most precious belonging. As the mom sobbed at our doorstep, she explained that their neighbour’s house had caught fire and their house would surely be next. We opened the door for them to stay as long as needed. As she sat and drank a cup of cold water,Throughout the Fires of Life who will be there to give you shelter? Who will be there to give you clothing? Who will be there to give you a cup of cold water?

Our Vision is to answer these questions by becoming a Community. Although we are this Community daily, our grand vision is to become that Community by building a Community Center that can facilitate this on a larger scale. It will be located on a piece of property that can contain a maternity clinic, a grass yard including a children’s activity center, a traditional washing area, and eventually an orphanage. We prayed that their house would be protected. Half an hour later, her husband came to the clinic and as he entered with a smile we knew that everything was okay.

David Overton

I am the Vice President of Glory Reborn & with my wife Hilary, we have taken Glory Reborn from a small dream that started in an apartment to a clinic that has delivered more than 3,000 Healthy Babies.

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